HBO Press Release: Enlightened: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray) (DVD)

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    "Beautiful...revealing and absorbing" - The Washington Post


    Starring Laura Dern in her Golden Globe® Winning Performance

    Available January 8, 2013 on Blu-ray™, DVD & Digital Download

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    New York, N.Y., October 10, 2012 - 40-year-old Amy Jellicoe has a dramatic transformation inspiring her to adopt a new attitude of inner peace and healing. Unfortunately, her new enlightened outlook is unwelcome and even threatening to her co-workers and loved ones. A unique blend of comedy and drama, Enlightened stars Academy Award® and Emmy® nominee Laura Dern, who won a Golden Globe® for Best Actress in a Comedy for her performance. Dern also executive produces the series along with Mike White, who co-stars, writes and directs. Enlightened: The Complete First Season, releases on Blu-ray ($49.99), DVD ($39.98) and Digital Download on January 8, 2013.

    During its debut, the show was praised by critics as "the most interesting and ambitious series of the fall season" (The Los Angeles Times) and "a gorgeously filmed, perfectly written and flawlessly performed masterpiece" (E! Online). The DVD and BD copies both include "Inside the Episodes" summaries and four audio commentaries with cast and crew including Dern, White and Diane Ladd.

    Amy, an ambitious executive at a global conglomerate, has been her own worst enemy for most of her adult life. Her self-destructive choices, both at home and at work, have resulted in a very public, humiliating nervous breakdown. After an extended stay at a treatment center in Hawaii, Amy returns to her fractured life, determined to lead a more enlightened existence. However, her newfound noble intentions only ratchet up the drama, wreaking unexpected havoc on those around her. Enlightenedfeatures an all-star ensemble cast including Luke Wilson as Amy's drug-addicted ex-husband Levi and Academy Award® nominee Diane Ladd as Amy's disapproving mother Helen, Sarah Burns as Krista, the former assistant who has taken Amy's old job, Timm Sharp as Amy's sleazy boss Dougie, Amy Hill as Judy, the no-nonsense human resources rep who won't give Amy a break, and White as Amy's seemingly meek co-worker Tyler.

    Enlightened: The Complete First Season
    Blu-ray with HBO Select & DVD
    Street Date: January 8, 2013
    Order Date: December 4, 2012
    Rating: TV-MA
    Runtime: Approximately 325 minutes (including bonus features)
    Price: $49.99 BD w/ Select (2 BDs discs / 2 DVD disc)
    $39.98 DVD (2 DVD discs)

    *Blu-ray with HBO Select offers buyers the choice of three ways to watch in one set - Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy. The digital copy is redeemable via a provider of your choice: iTunes and Vudu, as well as an UltraViolet copy through supporting providers.

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    HBO Home Entertainment markets an extensive array of programs ranging from the critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking series The Sopranos®, Sex and the City®, True Blood® and Game of Thrones® to the multiple Emmy Award-winning mini-series The Pacific® and Band of Brothers®. The company's catalog contains hundreds of titles including the Peabody Award-winning children's program Classical Baby, provocative programs from HBO Documentary Films including When the Levees Broke, innovative movies from HBO Films including Temple Grandin, and comedy specials featuring stand-up performers like Chris Rock and Ricky Gervais. The division distributes programs to the home entertainment market in three formats: Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download. Launched in 1984, HBO Home Entertainment has offices in New York, London and Toronto and the company's releases are marketed in over 70 countries around the world.
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    I had no idea watching this series through recently that It would rank as one of my favorite television shows ever created.

    Better than anything I have seen on HBO including The Sopranos, and Game Of Thrones. Only two seasons(and the second is only available on dvd) I watched it marathon style over the weekend. Enlightened runs the full spectrum of emotions while I guess it is easy to label as a comedy, it is most certainly a dramatic character study, and intriguing thriller. And it does it all so well.

    Mike White(School Of Rock) writes, and stars in this beautiful look at the complexity of the human spirit both fragile, and courageous.

    Amazing, genuinely amazing!
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    I've always been a fan of Laura Dern but this is probably the best she's ever been. I wish it had gone longer but at least, they prepared for not getting renewed and wrapped the story up.

    I haven't seen this show since aired but I should revisit it.
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    It is really layered as a character study. From Luke Wilson, Diane Ladd, and Mike White(wow, "The Ghost Is Seen" is about the most poetic tv episode I have watched)I like all the characters. It is nice they wrapped it up, but it still feels like there is much more to be told. Darn these low rated wonderful shows that get cancelled too early.
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