HBO Press Release: Behind The Candelabra (Blu-ray)(DVD)

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    "A Visual Feast" - USA Today
    Starring Academy Award® winners Michael Douglas and Matt Damon
    Directed by Academy Award®-winning Director Steven Soderbergh

    Available September 17, 2013 on Blu-ray™ with Digital Copy, DVD & Digital Download
    New York, N.Y., June 6, 2013 - As glittering and outrageous as Liberace himself, HBO Films®Behind the Candelabra takes a look at the flamboyant entertainer's private world, focusing on his tempestuous relationship with Scott Thorson, his young live-in lover for five years. Based on Thorson's tell-all memoir "Behind the Candelabra: My Life with Liberace," the film is directed by Academy Award® winner Steven Soderbergh (Traffic) and features electrifying performances by Academy Award® winners Michael Douglas (Wall Street) as Liberace and Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting) as Thorson. During its premiere, the film became one of HBO's most watched original films in nearly 10 years. Behind the Candelabra streets on Blu-ray with Digital Copy ($24.99), DVD ($19.97) and Digital Download on September 17, 2013. The Blu-ray with Digital Copy includes "The Making of Behind the Candelabra" which explores the legacy of Liberace through costumes, sets, locations, and prosthetics with several cast and the crew members including Douglas and Damon.

    Before Elvis, before Elton John, Madonna and Lady Gaga, there was Liberace: virtuoso pianist, outrageous entertainer and flamboyant star of stage and television. A name synonymous with showmanship, extravagance and candelabras, he was a world-renowned performer with a flair that endeared him to his audiences and created a loyal fan base spanning his 40-year career. Liberace lived lavishly and embraced a lifestyle of excess both on and off stage. In summer 1977, handsome young stranger Scott Thorson walked into his dressing room and, despite their age difference and seemingly different worlds, the two embarked on a secretive five-year love affair. Behind the Candelabra captures the essence of Liberace's appeal, while reminding viewers how different attitudes were at the time, as he and his management fiercely protected his public persona.

    The film features an all-star supporting cast including Emmy® winner and Academy Award® nominee Dan Aykroyd, Golden Globe winner and Emmy® nominee Scott Bakula, SAG Award winner and multiple Golden Globe nominee Rob Lowe, Tom Papa, multiple Emmy® and Golden Globe nominee Paul Reiser and Academy Award® Golden Globe and Emmy® nominee Debbie Reynolds. Executive produced by Emmy®-winning producer Jerry Weintraub from a script by Academy Award® nominee Richard LaGravenese, the film is produced by Gregory Jacobs, Susan Ekins and Michael Polaire (Contagion, Haywire) and music was adapted by the late Marvin Hamlisch.

    Behind the Candelabra
    Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack, DVD & Digital Download
    Street Date: September 17, 2012
    Order Date: July 30, 2012
    Rating: TV-MA
    Runtime: Approx. 118 minutes (excluding bonus feature)
    Price: $24.99 Blu-ray with Digital Copy (1 Disc)
    Price: $19.97 DVD (1 Disc)
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    Glad to see this coming out, so to speak.

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