HBO 5.1 on Directv: Sound problems??

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Alf S, Jul 27, 2001.

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    I've noticed over the last few days, that the two HBO channels are finally displaying the DD 5.1 logo on the info banner my RCA 5451 has when you change channel's. The few times I've tuned in to see if it's true 5.1 movie showing, my receiver shows "Digital" "Pro Logic". I haven't yet be able to sample a true 5.1 movie on either channel.
    The one strange thing I did notice on both channels, that doesn't occur on any other Directv channel, is a lot of audio drop outs. Has anyone else noticed this since the switch to HBO 5.1?? It even occurs on my 2nd bedroom reciever, so I know it's not my RCA 5451 acting up.
    Thanks for any input you might have
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    I have audio drop-outs occassionally as well on STARZ and the HBO DD-enabled channels. It has happened many times and I am not surprised at all by it any more. It is pretty damn flaky, though. I wish they could work it out once and for all. I would also like to know why it happens.
    I did catch a DD movie broadcast on one of those HBO DD channels...I forget which one. So, they are showing some DD enabled programming for select material.

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