Having problems with HD TV and DTV Tivo!!!!!

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by GlenRF, Apr 25, 2004.

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    I have the Hughes HTL-HD receiver and just bought a Directv Philips DVR-704, I tryed hooking up the tivo with my system but no signal... I hooked it up like this RF/coax comming in from wall in to HD receiver out to tivo then to VCR then to TV my 48 Mits. HDTV, I have the HD receiver video going out via DVI, I have composite with s-video running to the tv from the tivo. I have the same connection comming out of the HD receiver in to the tivo. I have to change inputs on the tv to view both but I dont care about that I am just not getting a signal at the tivo stage I thought about running a splitter at the point when the RF/coax comes out of the wall then one to the tivo and the other to the HD receiver if that would get me a signal. I am also wanting to record something while watching another and was wondering if this would be ok setup for that purpose... record on tivo switch inputs and go to the HD receiver and watch tv while tivo was recording
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    ALL DirecTivo models only record the DirecTV signal. You can't connect it to your HD receiver and record anything. You need to run two more cables from your dish or switch to the 704.

    Yes it will get you a signal but it will also cause a lot of problems. Satellite signals can't be split. Minimum, you would only get half the channels. Worst case, you would fry one or both receivers since they are sending DC voltage out of their satellite inputs.


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