Have you owned, managed or worked in a UK movie theater? I need your help!

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    Since being a 'semi-professional' movie critic doesn't nearly pay my rent, I often take on all sorts of interesting freelance gigs. (Eagle-eyed After Hours devotees may remember my articles on gambling from a few months back.)

    Anyway, I just got a "rush job" and I'm having a little trouble.

    Here's what I need:

    Information (of any kind) on theater ticketing systems used in the UK. Yes, the actual machinery/computer systems that spits the tickets out!

    Manufacturer names, hardware, software, etc.

    Any websites or articles that might pertain to this topic would also be greatly appreciated.

    I know this is a long shot, but I'd bet there's somebody across the pond who can help me out on this. Thanks!
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    Peter Apruzzese
    You may want to go to Film-Tech and ask this question on their message boards - the "Ground Level" and "Film Handler" forums, specifically. They have a lot of UK members on the site and the information there is almost always accurate.
    Good luck with the article!

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