Have some questions about DVD recorders.

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Keith_R, Jan 9, 2005.

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    Hey all, I'm kind of looking to get some new gear and am looking at possibly getting a DVD recorder/TiVo.

    I already have a upgraded TiVo but would possibly like a second one to help w/ conflicts and I like the idea of a recorder built in to dump stuff onto disc that I really like and wouldn't mind archiving.

    My TiVo was recently upgraded w/ the new software to do TiVo To Go thus it will eventually allow me to use my computer's DVD burner to do the same as a TiVo/DVD recorder. This leads me into a few questions about burning/recording DVD's:

    1. My computer burner can do DVD+RW whereas the TiVo units can DVD-RW and DVD-R. What is the difference between these DVD+ and DVD-? in terms of compatibility w/ home players and other things which one is better?

    2. Would it be faster to record a disc through the computer or the stand-alone units?

    3. For the people w/ the TiVo DVD recorders, how long does it usually take to transfer a show from your HDD onto DVD?

  2. John Whittle

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    That's a tough question and one I'm dealing with right now. It seems that DVD-R is compatible with two pieces of existing equipment I have (an older Toshiba player and a Mitek three disc). The Tos will also play DVD+R but not DVD+RW. A new Toshiba (SD-3960) plays all.

    As for which is "best" it depends on what you want to do. If you use DVD+RW and your players all recognize it, you can record on a set top recorder and then put it in your computer and edit it (remove commercials, change menus, chapters, etc) and put it back in the player to watch. In theory they can be erased and re-used 1000 times (haven't tried that many times yet but it's handy in restarting if you miss a cue from a tape). DVD+R and DVD-R have to be finalized before a player will "see" the disc. Once you do that you're done with the disc.

    If you get a recorder with a HD, it's possible to recorder and edit and then dump.

    I've been happy with the quality of the DVD+RW recordings and my edit package hasn't arrived yet (Ulead Movie Factory Disk Creator 3.0). I picked up a new computer (since I didn't have XP or a fast enough computer for editing) and it was a DVD burner that does +/- R, RW and DL.

    It seems like a great way to handle all those old "beta" tapes I've got that are sitting around of tv shows I worked on several years ago and I can pull out the commercials when I finish them up.

    Have no experience with Tivo, however.

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    Recordings made through TIVO will not allow for editing commercial content, at least when recorded on the Hard drive...Not sure about burning straight to re-writable DVD formats.
  4. Jack Daniel

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    i want to get one for my computer, how much do they cost?

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