Have an RCA Dolby Digital Satellite Receiver?

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    I wondered if anyone would mind giving me some help. I have an RCA satellite receiver, the DRD452RG(Dolby Digital). I've never been able to get the DD signal from it, yet. Couple things for info:
    -I have the digital cable hooked up to my PreAmp.
    -I've selected "DD" in my PreAmp setup.
    -I have a DD decoder in my PreAmp.
    -I've adjusted the setup in the RCA to "DD".
    -Only a "PCM" signal comes through.
    -I realize not all broadcasts are "DD", but when
    selecting a PayPerView with "DD", movie will
    still not play in "DD", only "PCM".
    -I've been on the phone with DirecTV, and RCA,
    (Can't even find a rep with "DD" in
    THEIR house...!)What a joke.

    Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated. Thx in Advance!
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    Just because it is set to DD, that does not mean that is always the whole answer. 2 things to look for, in case your satellite receiver has them:

    1)In the digital audio config, there may be a setting for PCM or Bitstream, this needs to be set to bitstream.

    2) Somewhere in there, there may also be a "downmix" option, which may downmix DD to PCM.

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