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    I am new to home theater, and will be doing a complete system. I know absolutely nothing about speakers. I have been reading the forum for several weeks and need some help, which is appreciated.

    The room is approximatley 23 x 15. I am looking seriously into a 55 - 60 inch HDTV, probably a Mitsubishi. I will also be purchasing a DVD player, I am told progressive scan is a must, and a surround receiver. Based on what I have read on this forum, I assume I will need 2 front, 2 rear, a center speaker and a subwoffer.

    The purpose of the room will be about 50 percent movies and 50 percent TV. I sure we will also listen to music, but we are not serious music listeners. When we do listen it is usually soft rock, oldies music (60's 70's etc).

    While I am flexible, it seems that a package such as infinity HTS-20 might work for me. This would of course be easier as you get 6 matached speakers. However, I am open to suggetions of individual components, but I am worried that a salesman will not match then properly.

    I would like to purchase at Abt Electronics in Chicago if I can, as I get really good pricing at that store, and they stand behind their products (replaced a double oven that didn't quite work, no questions asked, the customer is always right). They carry a lot of brands, but push Bose.

    I am also flexible on the price, the $1,000 is not an absolute maximum. If I could get a lot more for $100 - 300 more I would be open to susggestions. However, I would be hesitant to go beyond $1,500 as we are not serious music lovers.

    Thanks to all in advance, David
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    Well here are few options I would consider:

    JBL Studio Series- S-Center, S38 and S26 plus an SVS 20-39PCi sub. This sub can only be ordered online.

    Ascend Acoustics- 5 CBM170 bookshelves and a Hsu VTF2 sub. This entire system is only available online.

    Norh 4.0 set plus one of the above subs. You may not like the look of these though.

    I'd also recommend Sound Clearing House, but they have been out of stock of the tweeters for a long time and I have no idea when they will be able to ship completed speakers again.

    Another option you may want to consider is DIY. If you have the tools and desire to build the enclosures yourself, you can manage a system from speaker kits that will be a major step above anything you can buy commercially in that price range (unless of course you get exotic with the finish).
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    Hey David, Abt is a good place with good customer service. Also they are great about demoing cause they will show you anything you ask. With that said, there are a couple reasons I wouldn't recommend making that the only place you should buy from. First off, the salesman there will try and sell you a complete package at whatever you tell them your budget is and it actually won't be that great of a price and it won't be great stuff. Also, like every electronics place, they can only carry so much variety. I say you should do a lot of research on the net at places like this board and go into abt with a good idea of the type of stuff you want to purchase. That way you can get the best from the sales instead of him trying to sell you mediocre stuff. Also another great thing about Abt is that they are willing to deal on price. So if you find better prices at another place talk to the sales people and they will probably match. Its almost guranteed that you can find a better price on the internet than the price the sales rep will quote you. Basically if you go into Abt with some knowledge about the price and quality of what you want to purchase it will be a much better place to buy things, especially if you only want to purchase from there. Lastly as an FYI, the audio equipment prices they have listed at the stores are from my experience 20% to 30% and sometimes more, greater than prices you can find on the net. Hope that made sense, and good luck with your purchase. For speakers I recommend checking out axiomaudio.com. Also, is that budget just for speakers, or for speakers and a receiver?

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