Hassle-free way to get the most out of your used DVDs ?

Discussion in 'Media Classifieds' started by Deepak Shenoy, Sep 8, 2007.

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    I used to be a very active trader here during the early days of DVD but due to time and other constraints I haven't been very proactive in getting rid of DVDs I didn't want any more. In fact I have let these unwanted DVDs pile up over several years promising myself I would eventually get rid of them somehow.

    When I finally got around to looking for ways to dispose of them (not for free of course) I was in for a rude shock. My, haven't things changed a lot in the used DVD world ? Even the DVDPlanet Quotemachine that I had used in the past to get rid of older versions of titles I have double-dipped on, doesn't want anything but the latest and greatest version of each title. Not to forget the fact that all the titles that I paid over $20 for in the early days (most notably the Paramount titles) are selling for $6 in the Walmart bargain bin these days and I would be lucky to get $2 for these.

    Clearly I am trying to avoid the hassle of listing titles separately on e-bay and shipping them separately. But at the same time I want to get the most I can out of the DVDs that I have spent my hard-earned $$ on. Have we reached a point where the only place for used DVDs is the trash bin ? It almost doesn't seem worth the effort to try to sell this stuff. Any comments or suggestions ?

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    Great question Deepak.

    Without a doubt, the landscape for selling/trading/disposing of used DVDs is constantly evolving. One example...look at the number of transactions over each of the past few years here on the HTF:

    While hardware trades are also included in the Good Trader's List, I'd estimate that 96-97% of the trades listed involve software.

    I suppose the accumulated lists you see which appear here from time to time are still a good way to purge the "unwanteds" out of your collection. There might just be someone willing to give you something of value for those DVDs you want to cleanse from your collection.

    I would think before taking the cover off the trash bin...you might consider a donation to your local library...who might be interested in moving some of the titles into their own lending collection and/or sell the rest in a "used Book/Media" sale to raise $$$. I would think this would make you eligible for a deduction on your fed & state income taxes. Just a thought.

    I, too, would be VERY interested in hearing from others about their ideas.

    I have been known to give DVDs as gifts to family members, etc....even though they are "used". Since I take such good care of the discs, the only way you would know they are used is the absence of a cellophane wrapper and annoying security stickers! [​IMG]
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    Perhaps consider donating them to a hospital or other organization and taking the tax write off would be the best. That way they would be sure to be enjoyed.

    I have heard of people sending dvds to troops etc to help them pass the time too.

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