Has anyone here ever seen or read Terran Trade Authority books?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Scott Strang, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. Scott Strang

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    May 28, 1999
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    I must admit that these things are very entertaining.

    Back in the late 70's when the Space Craft 2000-2100AD edition came out I saw it at K-mart. LIke an idiot I didn't ask for it.

    Now I'm looking online for one of the books along with the other's in the series.

    They were imaginative, creative and beautifully illustrated.

    Does anyone here have any of them?
  2. Mark Lee

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    Sep 4, 1998
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    I have a copy of that very book (Spacecraft 2000-2100) on my bookshelf in my old room at my parent's house in NY. Minus the dust cover, tho -- I always manage to lose those things over the years.... A great book! I still thumb thru the thing whenever I come home to visit -- I always thought it was a clever way to tell the "history" of the Terran-Alpha-Proxima War, while just cutting to the chase of what kids were really interested in, which was the cool-looking spacecraft! That bad-ass Proxima Shark was just too cool! (Of course, by the book's timeline, we should have developed warp drive by now, if memory serves....)
    Ah, memories....

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