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Has anyone heard of Patty Michaels? (1 Viewer)


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May 8, 2001
Well to keep a long story short. I ran into a girl named Patty Michaels and shes emailed me a few times. While i don't trust people online and figure she could just be crazy and making stuff up...she mentioned how her career went down hill in 1985 and that she was a star before then but let it go to her head. Being curious since i didn't beleive her and asked what kind of stuff did she do......she mentioned that she did modeling as a kid,stuff for Tiny Tears, the original cast on broadway for a play as Louissa Von Trapp + has records for Columbia and Epic, even mentioned knowing Robert Downey Jr. and was gonna write him.
Far fetched-sounds like it but i did some looking and while it's hard to find any info on some with that name yet did find out about Tiny Tears-some doll made in the 50's/60's which cries + found on record titled "Lavender Girl" by Patty Michaels on auction at ezboards or whatever at amazon.com.
She's lives in Vegas now and also gave me her # to talk sometime since shes depressed a guy dumped her ect-I don't know if i should,but dammit curiosity gets the best of me and i can tell better on the phone if she may be lieing or not + don't worry i haven't given her any personnal(address ect) info about me and she doesnt have my # :). Not sure if i'll do it,but this is interesting & does anyone know anything about her?
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Oct 25, 2000
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Hmmmm. Nope. Never heard of her before. But if she's in Vegas now I wouldn't doubt her story... :)

Mark Pfeiffer

Jun 27, 1999
Never heard of her, although that doesn't necessarily mean anything. A quick check at allmusic.com didn't turn up that name.
It really wouldn't be too difficult to fake being someone like this online. Basically you'd need to be able to provide enough basic information that someone could confirm. Not being a household name helps as someone would be less likely to discover the ruse. I seem to remember reading in Sports Illustrated that they were looking for an old athlete and found a guy who claimed to be this guy. Only after some extensive digging did they find that this guy was lying and using this other person's name to benefit.
While she very well could be who she says, the cynical side of me says it probably isn't. If you call, *67 (caller ID block). :)
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