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Has anyone heard any rumors about "An American Tail"? (1 Viewer)

David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
I'm sure that many of you who know me think that this is a strange question coming from me. I seem to have all kinds of info at my fingertips.

But here's what happened today: I had taken my family around the city to various shopping centers, just to give my wife a day of shopping for stuff for her.

Along the way, she - ahem - ALLOWED me to check out various DVD stores we were near. :)

In one place my wife was checking out the kids titles with my son, and overheard a lady asking her husband to look for An American Tail.

My wife politely interjected that it wasn't on DVD, and then double-checked with me that this was true. I agreed with her, telling the lady about "the Speilberg factor" of releasing Amblin' product very slowly and methodically.

The lady VERY INTELLIGENTLY AND CONVINCINGLY reported to me that she had heard on a television show recently that these were being prepared for DVD release, specifically in a 2-pack with the sequel. I questioned her on if the studio was mentioned, and she quickly said Universal.

I proceed to point out that Uni also puts out the American Pie films, and that a new 2-pack of those was recently announced, and this must be what she heard.

She patiently told me that "Fievel Goes West" was explicitely named in the news item she heard. She could not recall the show it was mentioned on, though she recalled it was a cable show that frequently mentions entertainment releases such as DVDs.

Since I don't have cable/satellite in my home, and therefore could not have heard this on whatever show it might have been mentioned on, I was wondering if anyone else out there in HTF-land may have heard something?

I think she was probably just talking fast, and is perhaps good as fast-talking. :) I don't really think she heard anything at all.

However, she was JUST convincing enough to me to cast a doubt on that judgement. So I put it to the HTF: Anyone hear anything about an American Tail release on DVD, like this lady claimed?



Second Unit
Aug 24, 2001
oh i loved this movie when i was little, I have a few memories of seeing it when I was almost 5 in the movie theater. Its funny I was just thinking about this movie the other day wondering when it would be released. I would buy the dvd for sure.

Joshua Clinard

Aug 25, 2000
Abilene, TX
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Joshua Clinard
I'd buy it too. I haven't heard anything myself, but to me it sounds as if the lady knew what she was talking about, especially since she apparantly knew the name of the studio without having to think twice. Most people don't know studio's unless it's a High Profile movie. I've had people say to me "isn't The Sound of Music a Disney movie? In fact, some people think that any family or children's films are Disney.

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