Has anyone filed a claim with Monster Cable power strips?

Discussion in 'Accessories, Cables, and Remotes' started by Alf S, Aug 16, 2004.

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    A friend of mine bought a Monster powerstrip surge protector, and Sony receiver, and JVC 32" TV from a nice local A/V store about 2 years ago.

    Well after a bad storm recently, her receiver ended up completely messed up as did the tuner on the TV. Most likely lightning.

    Note: The receiver just has a cd player plugged into it and the RCA cables from the VCR..that's it...no video switching etc...she doesn't use it much at all..just to watch some VHS movies in stereo mode.

    Reading Monster's website, it says her powerstrip gives her "$10,000 worth of protection" against the usual electrical hazards we use these things for.

    Of course Monsters site has NO info that I could find telling you what steps are needed to at least ask for a review of the repairs that will be needed to the A/V equipment that was attached to this power strip.

    Has anyone here tried to get Monster to pay for legit repairs caused by (possibly) the power strip?

    If so, what form needs to be filled out, or is there a phone number to call? Monster is great at hiding this info on their site.

    Thanks for any input you all may have.

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    Warranty information can be found at this link Alf, http://www.monstercable.com/warranty/warranty_mp.asp which also includes a phone #. Your friend should understand that everything that was connected had to pass through the protector. So if the cable went into the TV and the TV was hooked up the DVD which was hooked up to the receiver, but the cable never went through the surge protector, you're screwed.

    For my take on the Monster warranty see

    So how good is that Monster Warranty? You feel luck, punk?

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