Has Anyone Auditioned the Bryston SP 1.7

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by MikeTz, Aug 22, 2003.

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    I am considering the purchase of a Bryston SP1.7 and its sister video switching unit. I'd like to hear reviews from people who have auditioned this pair. Does anyone know how this preamp/processor compares with the Lexicon MC-8, Krell, and others in this class.

    I like Bryston's bypass mode for two channel listening and also the idea of a separate video switching unit.

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    I have a 1.7 for a while. Got one of the 1st ones. Have not compared it to any of the pre/pros mentioned nor do I have the video switcher. For music (stereo or multi-channel) it is excellent, including comparing it to very expensive preamps. It is good for movies as well but there may be better choices if that is you priority. I believe the Perfect Vision, www.theperfectvision.com, may have an upcoming review of the 1.7 vs. some other pre/pros (I know someone who knows the reviewer and it is not out yet and assuming it passes editorial reviews may be out before the end of the year). If you have any specific questions about the 1.7, I'd be happy to help. Have not extensively listened to it by the new $3k Rotel looks cool. Be interesting when I have some time to see how it compares as well.

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