Has anybody heard of these guys?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by ChrisHeflen, Mar 29, 2004.

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    This is the same stuff that was sold last year on GotApex on a group buy from China. The stuff is actually really nice, but not for the MSRP of the site. I got a pair of the Leisure IISE's last year, and thought they were really nice speakers for the price that I paid ($540). Aurum Cantus is a name for a huge OEM company from China that supplies to many high-end audio companies that simply modify and markup the AC stuff and sell it off as their own. I guess someone has decided to do this without changing the name of the products he has bought from China. Nice, solidly built stuff, though
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    Sorry for picking up an old topic, but just saw this and think some detail information may be useful for those who are interested in the Aurum Cantus Leisure 2's.

    There are probably three versions, and they all perform and cost differently:

    1. Domestic (China) version. Leisure 2 MKII. Can be obtained at around $500 + $250 oversea shipping through cattylink.com or dealers in China. No warranty. The simplest crossover design with the least expensive components.

    2. Export version. Leisure 2 SE. Sold in Japan, Singapore, and Europe for $1699. Can be occassionally obtained for $800 + $250 oversear shipping. No warranty in US. The crossover and bass reflection designs have room to be improved. Many users have the crossover modified at aditional costs, but bass reflection is normally hard to mod after market.

    3. The so-called "US version". Leisure 2 SE. It is listed for $1499 and only available in US, but occassionally on sale for less than $1000. 3-year warranty. It is re-designed by Kellsie AV Designs based on comprehensive listening, measurement, and simulation results. Some major improved areas include cross-over (topology and frequency), bass reflection (tuning), and build quality (minimum 35 hours manual polishing). All components are hand-picked left/right matching for optimal sound imaging/stage. Very well balanced through out frequency range (+/-2dB). Low frequency response is extended down to 42Hz (-4dB), which is very rare for 2-way monitors.

    Unique features of US version:

    -- Read "Jointly Developed with Kellsie Audio & Video Designs" on the aluminum plate.

    -- Use a flared rear port of smaller diameter.

    -- "seamless" at the joint of side panels and the cabinet. Surface finish looks deeper and nicer.

    -- Midwoofer uses a small and soft dust cap.

    Kellsie AV Designs

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