Harshness problem with Rotel Pre/Pro and RMB 1075 power amp

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Chris Hovey, Mar 10, 2001.

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    I recently purchased the B&W 603S2 front speakers and LCR6 S2. Originally before I bought Rotel's new RMB 1075 power amp (120 watts/5)and the RSP976 pre/pro, I was using a Denon AVR3200. It sounded very good with the B&W 603 speakers but just lacked some punch as they are very power hungry speakers. Well, the Rotel power amp definitely has added punch but oddly enough, it seems overly bright and grainy compared to the Denon receiver. One would think that it would be quite the opposite. I know the 603S2 speakers are highly detailed at the expense of some brightness, but I was not expecting this combination to sound harsh. Are there any brands of speaker cabling that would roll off the higher ends. I was thinking along the line of Nordost. One other point, the connection between my preamp and the rotel power amp is the 24 pin connection (looks like a parallel printer port cable) instead of the RCA preamp out connections. Would this be a possible cause? Should I use the RCA connections between the preamp and amp or the 24 pint connector?
    Or, does it just make my CD's sound edgier because it's a much more transparent set of components compared to the Denon which may have rolled off the highs to some extent? BTW, I'm using a Panasonic A310 DVD player.
    I'd appreciate any comments.
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    I've seen and helped set-up the new Rotel stuff. Owned some of the older stuff and did use it a bit with B&W P6s. I did not see what you are using for speaker cable and interconnects (analog/digital). Some combinations are just more sensitive to certain things than others. It also may take a bit to break-in fully. For commercial products, Transparent tends to be laid back. I would try to get a trial with anything you audition. For DIY interconnects (do a search of the HTF), the Belden 89259 as all purpose also tends to have a laid back quality.

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