HArmony Remote, 880 Questoin!

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    Good god, I HATE living in a techno phobe family. EVERY five minutes I'm called down...
    'why dosn't this work?' 'Wich of the five remotes controls the volume'...'how come when I press this, this dosn't work?'

    Please, someone tell me this is possible before I throw the TV out the window..

    Is it possible to merge all the popular device functions on one remote screen?

    I want VCR Power On, TV Power On, Reciever Power on, Cable Power on. On one screen, and then on down the line. Is that possible with this software?
    Or, if that's not possible.... When they press 'Watch TV', and everything turns on... have the CH up/Down be controlled by the cable box, the Volume by the Onkyo receiver, and the rest of the TV functions stay the same?

    The real problem is they don't want to take the time to learn it like I did and want it spoon fed to them..

  2. Charlie Campisi

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    The harmony doesn't work like you stated in the earlier part of your post -- tv power on, cable power on, etc. That would be 'device based.' The Harmony is as you described in the latter portion of your post. You configure it on your computer. The website takes you through a bunch of questions asking you which devices should be on/off when you watch tv, watch dvd, etc and asking which device should be controlling the volume, channel changes etc. It will take you about an hour to get the harmony configured so that you can use it, with some more tweaking later to really get it running correctly. IMO, it is a great remote for families like yours. My daughter learned to use it when she was 6. My technophobe wife can use it. I can tell my 13 y.o. babysitter how to play movies or tv for the kids in less then a minute. It even has a help key that is very useful if something goes wrong for a user. Give it a try for 30 days and if your family doesn't like it, return it. I think the 880 can be had for about $90 now. I prefer the 6xx series better as I like the button layout and feel, but either will work very well.
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    pickup the 880 its worth it. While you can't do deep configurations as the other remotes on the market it is very worth while. I have one in my living room and looking at another one for the bedroom. I have had everything from the cheap radio shacks to the pronto and would give up my 880 for anything right now.

    check out the review on www.remotecentral.com
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    I just picked up a Harmony 628 (currently at Amazon for $39.99) and am loving it. My wife uses it with ease...and even my mother-in-law is with us for a few days and has figured it out.

    With one push of a button the Scientific Atlantic HD Cable Box/DVR turns on, the Samsung TV turns on AND is set to the proper input. The SONY receiver turns on...to the proper input(!)...and the channel buttons control the cable box while the volume buttons control the receiver...and on and on. I think it's the greatest thing since 5.1 sound!

    The Logitech site had every machine in my system...including my old Betamax machine and RCA laserdisc player. I could still stand to do some tweaking with the remote (and probably will...soon)...but after the simple set-up...everything was up and running in no time.

    The remote connects to a USB port just like a digital camera and downloads all the IR information. Terrific. Those folks should win a Nobel prize or something! [​IMG]

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