Harmon Kardon 325 vs. 525

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    Hello everyone.

    Looking to upgrade to either Harmon Kardon's AVR 325 or AVR 525. From what I gather, they are both 7.1 capable receivers, with the power rating being 50x7 vs. 70x7 for the 525.

    But what about actual user experience? Are there any factors that make the $150-$200 price difference between the two much more compeeling either way?

    Any input would be great! Thanks! [​IMG]

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    Well, the 525 has better bass management (can apply it to the direct/6 ch/8 ch/DVD Audio inputs if you like), does HDCD decoding, has the front-panel connections switchable from input to output, and has a backlit remote.

    I'm just basically copying from the chart that HK has at their site (go to any receiver, and click on "Compare all: A/V receivers").

    Those are the only major diffs that I know of, and the bass mgmt is the only one that would be really important to me-- it's most of the reason I'm considering the 525 over the Onkyo 800. Given the relative paucity of inputs on the HK, the switchable front connections is a nice touch.

    Speaking of the 525 vs. the 800, does anybody know what DACs and ADCs the 525 uses?

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    I am glad I read your post. I replied to another post about my 525 when someone mentioned it has bass management on the 6 channel input. I tried it and the feature seemed to be disabled in the menu so I thought someone had made a mistake. Well, someone did, and it was ME. I did not read the manual and found out my receiver, for which I have new found love, has exactly as you stated, digital bass management for the 6 and 8 channel inputs.

    Your probably asking why I am making such a big deal about this? ha! glad you asked!

    I just today purchased a Pioneer DV-45a universal DVD player and going to get into the new (for me) world of high-def audio. This player has had several threads written about it. It seems to not have bass management for DVD-audio CDs that are 4.0 or 5.0 channel encoded. I was just about to purchase an Outlaw ICBM unit to overcome this fault of my new DVD player, but now I don't have to!



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