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Jul 9, 2003
I just recently purchased the HK DPR1001. I have a question regarding individual channel output setup, and the user manual contradicts itself. Can I set up individual channel output levels for each input, or can I only do it for each surround mode (ie Dolby Digital, DTS, Logic 7)?

The reason I ask is that I am interested in setting different subwoofer levels for music and for movies. If I can set it up for different inputs, I can assign one input for watching dvd movies with the sub calibrated a little hot, and a 2nd input for dvd concerts/ music cd's with the sub flat. If I have to do this at the surround mode level, I would not be able to achieve this because I would use DD or DTS for both music dvds as well as movie dvds.

Does anyone have any experience doing this? Can you set different output levels for the inputs, or for the surround modes?


Adil M

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Nov 21, 2001
I don't believe you can.

I would test it out by turning the RFront channel up 15 decibels and switching to another input. If it's too high on each input it will confirm that it does not save individual settings per source.
Good luck.


Second Unit
Jul 9, 2003
Thanks Adil,

I played with it last night, and I believe that it will work. I increased the left front speaker to +10 for the Directv input. I then went to DVD, and the left front speaker was still at 0. To expand on this experiment, I moved the right front speaker to -10. I then went to the VCR input and all values were still at 0. I turned everything off, and turned it back on, and it all saved as I had input it (different values for different inputs).

This is a really cool feature. I will calibrate everything this weekend. I will set up seperate inputs for DVD Movies, DVD Music (CD's and Concert DVDs), and a third for DVD-Audio. I will adjust the sub levels appropriate for each one. One push of a button will get me the right values for the different sub levels I want without macros that may or may not work because there are so many steps to input.



May 12, 2004

Go to the H/K website and look for the DPR1001 product support sheets (Triple Crossover and Multichannel Digital Bass Manager for DPR 1001). This is a 3-page setup guide to do the manual crossover for your speakers. Right now I have my DPR1001 setup with 80HZ L/R, 100HZ C, 200HZ SR/SL, 200HZ SBR/SBL. With this setup I get crisper sounds from the fronts and surrounds. See below:

Harman Kardon’s newest receivers – the DPR 1001, AVR 7200, AVR 525 and AVR 325 – offer an advanced and
versatile Bass Manager, which allows the crossover to be set to one of six specific frequencies for each of three
different speaker groups (see Figure 1). Within the same surround mode input setup, the six choices are 40Hz,
60Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz and 200Hz. Therefore, one could set the left/right fronts to 80Hz, the center to 100Hz
and the surrounds (side and back) to 200Hz. Also, when the high-pass-frequency point is selected, it automatically
sets the proper matching, compatible low-pass-frequency point (to the LFE out) to ensure that none of the
low-frequency information is lost and that all sound is outputted properly to the assigned channels. (Note that the
software is run at 48-bit resolution using 2nd-order high-pass filters and 4th-order low-pass filters [Linkwitz-Reily].)


Sergio Mielnik;)

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