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Feb 20, 2002
I am selling my Harman Kardon AVR-510 Receiver. It is a very high quality 5.1 receiver if that is all that is needed. For Surround Decoding it has: Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1, Logic 7, and Pro-Logic. For power it has 70wX5 for surround, or 80wX2 for stereo. It also has a preout-main-in loop so it can be used as a stand alone amplifier. Included with the reciever is the AM Antenna, the Main Room Remote, and the 2nd Zone Remote. I do not have a paper manual, but I can include it as a PDF file on a CD-R if requested, or it can be downloaded from HK's website. I recently upgraded to a DA4es that is why I am selling it. The receiver is in good condition with no scratches, and performs like new. If interested the build date of the receiver is March 2001.

Asking Price 320 USD Plus shipping from 53132

Would prefer Pay Pal, but can also take a Money Order or Cashier's Check

Would also consider a trade for a similar value
Digital Camera or an ES SACD Player.


Feb 20, 2002

Yes, it has 2 component inputs and 1 output. They are fixed to DVD and the video 2 input. For more info go here:


AS HK says

"Audio/Video Receiver With Dolby® Digital, DTS®, Logic 7®, VMAx® and HDCD® Decoding

The AVR 510 delivers the performance you expect from Harman Kardon without sacrificing ease of use. The patented EzSet™ remote control takes the guesswork out of speaker setup, and sophisticated surround processing technologies deliver a variety of listening options. 192kHz/24-bit DACs insure compatibility with the latest program sources, while front-panel digital inputs, one of which can be switched to an output, deliver maximum flexibility. Component video, S-Video and multiroom/multisource connections make the AVR 510 one of the most versatile models ever offered by Harman Kardon."

For more specs go here:


There is also a downloadable Sound and Vision Review of the reciever from the top link.

I can also email pics if requested.

Mark Hedges

Second Unit
Mar 21, 2003
If you don't mind, could you post a few words comparing the DA4ES and the H/K unit? How do you feel they compare for movies and music? What did the 4ES have that made you want to upgrade?




Feb 20, 2002
Sure Mark I will compare them as best I can.

First I will list my equipment
Pioneer Elite DV-45a
JBL S38ii front, JBL S-Centerii , JBL S26ii side surround, and a KLH bookshelf used for a back surround.
Sony SA-WM40 Polyfilled Subwoofer
AR Pro Cables if anyone cares.

I upgraded because:

1. I got a good price from a fellow HTF member. If it would have been a AVR-525, 3802, or 45tx I may have bought one of those instead. At the time I would have preferred a 45tx, but I didn't think the price difference was worth it.

2. I had upgradeitis and wanted a back surround channel.

My dad just got into HT and I recommended he replace his old Samsung Stereo Receiver with a Pioneer 811s. When I hooked up a back surround there was a noticeable difference and I wanted it:) The first difference I noticed was on FOTR-Extended Edition when the Dragon and Fireworks go off.

3. I also wanted DD EX, DTS-ES DISCRETE and Matrix, PL-2, DTS 96/24, and Neo:6. I figured this was worth exchanging Logic 7 for.

4. It was a receiver I thought about getting when it first came out.

Things I like on the 4es

1. B Speaker posts, even though I don't use them

2. Aluminum Front Panel & Volume Dial- Very High Quality IMHO

3. DTS ES, DD EX DTS 96/24, Adjustable PL2, NEO 6, Regular PL

4. Informative Front Panel: Bitrate Info, Blue Decoding Light LFE Meter, Very Cool

5. Fully Dimmable Display Including remote

6. Custom Input Names

7. Auto-Sensing Inputs

8. Ability to set a crossover for each set of speakers FRONT, CENTER, SURROUND, SURROUND BACK

9. Future Useful Things: Triggers, 7.1 Preout, 2 ext inputs, equalizer, Composite->S-Video Conversion

10. More DSP Modes. Even though most are worthless the DCS EX modes aren't too bad.

11. Tells is DD is 2.0 or 5.1 for the longest time I thought the Highlander Season 1 DVD's were in 2.0, but they were actually 5.1

Things the HK had I wish the 4es had

1. Front Panel Optical Inputs

2. Customizable level controls for each input/ Sound Field.

3. Logic 7

4. Preset Turn on Volume

5. OSD That showed volume adjustments

6. Ability to convert Digital to Analog for recording out

Useful because I have a Computer based MP3 collection which I use with my HK DAL-150 to make custom cassettes for my car. Now I would have to burn the MP3's to a CD and use my CD players analog outputs.

7. Backlit Remote

8. Front Panel Bass, Treble, and Balance knobs

9. Ability to adjust Front Speaker Levels, not use a balance bar.

10. Reference was at 0 db

Things I liked on both

1. Size: Both Receivers are monsters

2. On Screen Display

3. Binding Posts

4. Multitude of Audio and Video inputs

Musical Comparison of the receivers

I didn't notice much difference, but my dad says it does sound better than the HK which goes against popular opinion. He thought the HK had too much midrange, and the Sony sounded fuller.

Put this way, whenever I was done watching a DVD Movie, or listening to SACD I had a smile on my face when I was using either receiver. I was happy with both sound quality wise.
The HK has a reputation of a better amp section, but I didn't notice a significant difference for the better or worse. Truthfully, I was worried the Sony would sound worse than the HK, I figured if that happened I would just use the 510 as a 5 channel amp for the Sony. Sorry I couldn't be much more help but both sounded good to me, but I never did do an A-B test.
This could also be due to my horrible speaker location in my bedroom. If I could have an optimized speaker setup it may sound noticeable better or worse.

Ultimately I am quite happy with my SONY even being the black sheep it is on here and AVS about its power output.

I hope my ramble was helpful for you Mark.


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