Harman Kardon 2.1 and NHT 2.5i Bi-Amp, How??

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    I have spent last 2 hours reading the search result of "bi-amp" but still have no clue. Can someone explain this in plain language step by step ?

    I have a Harman Kardon signature 2.1 Amp. which is 100W X 5, also will get a NHT 2.5i which is bi-Ampable. So How do I utilize 4 channel of the AMP and work magic on the NHT?

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    You are going to passively biamp the speakers. This will mean you will need a splitter of some sort to split your main left and right signals coming from your preamp. Once this is done you will attach the 2 left preamp out cables to the left main and left surround inputs on the amp. Do the same for the right in the same manner. Then you will need 4 sets of speaker wire and you will attach 1 set of wires to each of the amps outputs (L,R, LSR, RSR). Make sure you run both left wires to the left speakers with one going to the bottom terminals and one going to the top terminals. Make sure also to remove the gold jumpers so you do not short out the amp. The do the same for the right and you have biamped your speakers. This will leave your center channel open for what else...your center channel. What you have effectively done is send the same left and right signal to 4 channels of your amp. The woofer on each speaker now gets 100watts and the mid/tweeter gets 100watts. I hope this helps.

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