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    Hard wood flooring. Here is my question. My home theater room is 12x10. And it totally closed off exept for one doorway leading in. I took one of my subs oner to my buddy's house to see how it sounds there. He has a 20x20. And his room is open for the most part. And the sub sounded twice as loud and clearer then my home theater. And I only took over one of my subs and I have three. And the bass at his house was alot more intense. And no it wasn't his receiver, his receiver was a wal-mart special. My is one of Onkyo's monster receiver that I paid a little of three thousand for a few years back. Now here is the question he has hard wood floors and I have carpet. I am thinking about putting hardwwod floors in my home theater room. Will this improve my bass substantually? Thank you very much
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    Ideally you don't want hard reflective surfaces tile hardwood or tile in a home theater. subwoofers are like realestate: location, location, location. if you have a phae switch try flipping that. If you don't notice the difference put it back to the original setting. I am assumming that you have a powered sub and it is hooked up to the sub out on your receiver. Chedk to make sure that you have LFE turned on in your receiver. If all the basics check out and you want to find the best spot for your sub, move your seating out of the way and put your sub where you sit. Play a constant tone with only your sub hooked up. If you have a SPL meter take that around the room to see where the bass is strongest. Put your woofer here. If you don't have an SPL meter listen/feel where the bass is most intense and put your sub here. Corners are usually good places to put subs.

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