Hardly any Bass out of my Klipsch RW-10. Do I have it wired correctly?

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    So I notice while I watch movies the Bass is always *decent* while never really Impressive...but I have always been very disappointed with the bass output while streaming Pandora through my Blu-Ray player. It's so quiet that if I actually turn the woofer off through my Yamaha RX-V467 the bass notes are about 3x more apparent just through my front RF-10 towers. I know this isnt the best 10" woofer out there...but still imagine this thing should beat pretty good.

    How I have it wired. I used a rocketfish "Subwoofer" cable from the "Subwoofer" jack on the back of my receiver to the "LFE" jack on the back of the subwoofer.

    Cable I used: RocketFish 12' Subwoofer Cable.

    Do I need another Cable, or what am I doing wrong. I have gone through all of my settings on the receiver. I see options like "Extra Bass" and also "Tone Control" where I can adjust the bass. I really don't think these should have to be adjusted to get decent bass out of this 10" powered sub. BTW I should mention that the volume knob on the RW-10 is turned all the way up. I do not see any option to turn up the LFE signal on the receiver. Is there a way to do that....any info would help! Anything that you can think of that I may not have checked.


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    Couple things. First, streaming from Pandora will never sound as good as a CD or DVD. The files are super compressed - think worse than MP3. Next, how did you calibrate your speakers? Did you use an SPL meter? The cable you have is fine. No need to spend a lot of money on cables. If you are getting good sound from movies, I would guess it is Pandora.
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    Check your setup menu first to see if the receiver is sending only "lfe" signals to the sub, or both lfe and signals below 90 hz (what my old yammie was crossed over at to send to the sub). If it is sending only lfe signals to the sub, then the sub will not be getting signals below 90 hz. (With Yamaha, at least mine, lfe signals were meant only for the sub, so if you have the set up set for lfe only, then you won't get any other signals to the sub).

    Which brings me to a second possibility. Is the "lfe" connection on the back of the sub woofer "only" for discreet lfe signals (as I talked about the Yamaha's) and not to include any low non-lfe signals?

    I doubt Pandora sends discreet lfe signals.

    Hope this is not too confusing. This is the 3rd time I have typed it (hit wrong button somehow).
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    Also check to make sure your speakers are set to "small" - if there is that option on your receiver. That option will direct the lows to your sub.

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