Hannibal (1960) w/ Victor Mature

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Brent Avery, Jan 15, 2005.

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    This one passed me by - which might have been a good thing as it could be a colossal bomb - except I gave in and bought it. Enhanced 2:35 CinemaScope,filmed and distributed through Warners it is an apparent Italian production. From the one review I read on Amazon it seems just passable but that is someone elses' opinion of course and who knows, I may actually like it. The company releasing it is VCI and apparently the video quality is actually supposed to be quite good as they used the original negative.( released Oct.9/04 ). Sound track is mono - although it must have been at least stereo when shown in theaters originally I would think.
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    I have this DVD but I'm sure the film would not have been in stereo. By 1960 stereo was not used much and as an Italian production it would be even less likely. In fact I'm not aware of any Italian productions of the '50s and '60s that were in stereo.

    Picture quality (anamorphic widescreen) is quite good although the color is a little washed out. The disc also has some reasonable extras. The film itself is very tedious and ends in a rather perfunctory fashion. I thought Victor Mature was OK but the Italian cast was undermined by the atrocious dubbing. Some of the battle scenes were surprisingly bloody for 1960 (amputated limbs for example!).

    Warner Bros distributed the film but presumably had nothing to do with producing it. The DVD has a Warner Bros copyright so I assume they still have the rights but, not surprisingly, had no interest in releasing it on DVD themselves.
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    Hannibal was mono, without a doubt. Warners did very few stereo films, having done very few Cinemascope movies and byu 1958 - 58 were doing there last few anamorphic widescreen films in scope and later Technirama.
    Their last scope stereo film is, I think, Spirit of st. Louis. Warners in 1958 went to Technirama and did the early ones in stereo, (some now lost) including Sayonara, Auntie Mame (stereo lost), The Music Man, and Gypsy - adding My Fair Lady in stereo in 1964. Stereo really only came back to films in the 1960s with the big roadshow films and musicals, though both Fox and MGM were still making many of their a films with four track stereo sound.

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