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hanging 42" LCD from 1 stud (1 Viewer)


Jul 31, 2008
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I have two windows 4' apart from edge of window edge of window. I would like to mount my Sanus mounting bracket directly in between the two windows. After search for 2 studs I found that there is only 1 double 2x4 stud directly centered in between the two windows. I know the bracket says to hit two studs at least 12" apart but has anyone had any experience with my situation? The TV will be centered on the bracket so there will be minimal twisting forces on the bracket, nothing a few toggle bolts on either end of the bracket won't stop. Should I just rip the wall open and put in some more blocking? It is a textured wall so patching is going to get tricky; doable but tricky.

Phill O

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Mar 11, 2001
I would rip out the wall and put some backer in. I know that my LCD mount requires it to be stud mounted. What I did was use a backer board. Something like (2) 2" X 12" one for the top and one for the bottom screws. What I did was glue 2 sheets of 3/4" plywood and fit them between the studs. And mount the plywood to the studs with a cleet. that gave me a 1 1/2" thickness along with the double layer of drywall. I think I should be OK. The TV hadn't fallen off yet ;)

However you do it you need to make sure that the mount is secure! Putting it on one stud is not secure.

Good luck.


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Jan 6, 2008
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Brandon Henry
For one, I would be very surprised that there is only one stud in a four foot opening. That is not to code in any state in the US. They should be 16 inches on center.

However, if this is not the case, this is what I would do:

Leave your drywall.

Cut a 1x6 (or 1x4) to four feet (or long enought to hit your double studs on each side of the window).

Screw that to your wall at the height you want your bracket. Make sure you hit the studs on both ends, and the one in the middle.

Then paint the board your wall color and hang the bracket on it.

Much faster and easier than ripping up the wall, blocking, then re-drywalling and taping and mudding and painting your wall. Chances of ex exact match of texture are not too good, even if your are experianced. Too many variables, like mud consistency, air pressure, spray distance, etc (assuming you have a orange peel or knock-down texture). Skip trowl is easier to blend in.

You could router the edges of the 1x material to give it a more finished look too. Do this before you attach it to the wall.

Then if ever you change tv locations or whatever, you just have some holes that need spakeling to make your wall look new again.

After all of that, I must admit that I have hung a 42" on a single stud before. It held it, but was prone to twisting out of level at the slightest nudge.

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