Handspring Visor as Home Theatre remote

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  1. Robin Smith

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    Sep 27, 2000
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    I am considering buying a Mindspring Visor Neo for use as a PDA. One of the perks/justifications is that for $60 I can get an Omniremote springboard module and use it as an AV remote. How does this compare with something like a Pronto? ANyone seen or used both and can give me a comparison. The beauty is my company will pay for the Handspring, I will only need to buy the OmniRemote add-on.

    I am sorely tempted to buy a Pronto and like the one stop remote concept as my wife and I get mad at the 7 remotes we now have to use!!

    What does the Pronto offer that the OmniRemote doe snot. Is it worth it. Documentation says it has customizable screens and is a learning remote which seems like the absic requirements, but never having had or seen a pronto, it is hard to know what else might make the Pronto tops over a Handspring Visor/OmniRemote combo.

    Thanks in advance.

    Robin Smith
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    Apr 15, 2000
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    IF you want more info for remotes, I suggest reading up at http://remotecentral.com There is so much good stuff there it'll blow your mind. Perhaps some people have already answered this question!
    I personally have a Sony remote. It's large and kinda clunky, but it's WAY better than dealing with 7 different remotes.
    Hope that helps for now!

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