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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Xander H, Jan 4, 2010.

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    I'm getting a new receiver and a new TV for the bedroom and I'm going to be trying to make a sort of "network" when all is said and done, but to do that I'm going to need to run a couple of pretty long wires and I thought I would check here first and ask real quick if there was anything to watch for when I was shopping for these cables.

    I'll be needing an 18ft HDMI to connect my computer to my receiver, which will be run just along the baseboard in plain sight, and I will also be needing a 35ft HDMI to connect my bedroom TV to my receiver which I'll be running behind the wall and above my drop ceiling. I'll also be running a 50ft composite cable through the wall from my receiver to my old TV in the music room in the basement (so I can see Rock Band while I'm sitting at my actual drum kit, for the hell of it). Just want to make sure that there isn't anything specific that I'll need to get for cables so long to make sure that I don't lose any quality or that I don't need any sort of specific cable insulation for running them through the walls/ceilings.

    Also, if you happened to see any cheap prices for some of these super long cables that would be awesome! Thanks!
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    I'll say what everyone else says about HDMI cables generally: monoprice.com or Blue Jeans Cables. Hands down, the cheapest places to get HDMI (and most other cables, for that matter).
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    For super long cables, and shorter ones too, check out Firefold.com in addition to the sites already mentioned. All my HDMI cables have come from Firefold with great results.

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