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Joel D

Mar 31, 2002
ive went through some threads on here and couldnt really find too much info. see i have been a huge fan of horror movies since i was a kid. but i havent seen any hammer films so i wanted to call out for suggestions, as it seems the people into horror on this board show impecible taste. as well as hammer feel free to suggest any must see movies that are more obscure or dont really get enough credit. thanks

Peter Apruzzese

Senior HTF Member
Dec 20, 1999
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Peter Apruzzese
Hammer titles I'd recommend


The Mummy

The Devil Rides Out

Frankenstein Created Woman

Kiss of the Vampire

Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas

Quatermass II

Quatermass and the Pit

X The Unknown

Dracula: Prince of Darkness

Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde


Horror of Dracula

Curse of Frankenstein

Brides of Dracula

Curse of the Werewolf

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

There are a lot of others I enjoy, but these should give you a good sampling of the different types that hammer produced.

Rex Bachmann

Nov 10, 2001
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Rex Bachmann
Joel D wrote:


as well as hammer feel free to suggest any must see movies that are more obscure or dont really get enough credit

For the most part I leave it to others to recommend Hammer Films to you, since I'm only a moderate fan of some of them, but there are some others:
  1. Curse of the Werewolf (Hammer/Universal,1961) (uncut!) (the most serious werewolf picture I've ever seen; probably the scariest "werewolf" ever on screen)
  2. Countess Dracula (Hammer/Fox, 1970)
  3. The Monster Club (1980) (the "Shadmok" episode)
  4. The Haunting (MGM, 1962) (the "BMW" of all ghost movies)
  5. Baron Blood (1972) (spooky, yet fun Mario Bava film)
  6. The Sender (Paramount, 1982)
  7. City of the Dead (a.ka. Horror Hotel) (1960)
  8. Black Sunday (1960) (Mario Bava's masterpiece debut film)
  9. The Fly (1986) (gross, but poetic sci-fi horror)
  10. The Keep (Paramount, 1983) (sci-fi/horror; presumably a director's cut is coming to DVD in 2003; all versions I've seen of this appear to have been butchered)
  11. Planet of the Vampires (1965) (Mario Bava again; supposedly one of the inspirations for Alien)
  12. Near Dark (1987) (DVD from Anchor Bay due fall of 2002)
  13. Event Horizon (Paramount, 1997) (semi-successful horror-sf mix; special edition or director's cut rumored for fall 2002)
  14. The Howling (MGM/Orion(?), 1980) (great transformations, great fun)
  15. The Norliss Tapes (1973; Dan Curtis Prods./NBC) (good tv horror movie)
  16. Les Yeux sans Visage (a.k.a. The Eyes without a Face) (1959) (famous, famous gut-wrenching Georges Franju (French-language) film)
  17. The Beast Within (MGM, 1982) (last of a string of "werewolf" films of the early '80s with then new make-up effects)
  18. Black Sabbath (1963; 3-episode Mario Bava film)
  19. The Vampire (a.k.a. Mark of the Vampire) (UA/Gramercy, 1957)
  20. The Undying Monster (a.k.a. The Hammond Mystery) (Fox, 1942)
  21. The Creeping Flesh (Tigon/Columbia, 1973) (Hammer-like film, with great central horror premise, but with a not so good side story)[/list=1]

    That should be a good start!


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Jan 13, 2000
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Unfortunately, a lot of the better Hammers were released early by Anchor Bay with non-anamorphic transfers. I for one am waiting for reissues (esp. for Dracula: Prince of Darkness). I can wait only so long as I'm not spending money on other DVDs (so far it's not been a problem ;) ) Of the anamorphic Hammers, I recommend:
The Devil Rides Out
The Mummy
The Lost Continent
Dr Jeckyll and Sister Hyde
Frankenstein Created Woman

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