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    Some fine laser disc and DVD titles to be had here, but I am ordering nothing for this HUGE reason: You can't ask the seller of any video item a question about the product before buying. You can ask a seller of computers or stereos or most anything else a question, but not of book, music or video sellers. Why is this? I sent two emails complaining of this because I saw a laser disc of the 1942 Sabu JUNGLE BOOK up for sale cheap, but I needed to know what label released it. The Embassy version is awful, but the Hallmark version is pretty decent. If this was eBay, I could ask the seller of ANYTHING a question. Here, you takes yer chances, friends. Very little info. about any video is available, so you don't know if it's an original or a remaster, a CAV or CLV, etc. The response to both of my emails? A form letter saying they'd look into fixing the problem with their web site...! No answer to my question. This outfit may be a boon for buyers of electronics, but for the video collector, it's nowhere. By the way...anyone out there have a Hallmark edition of JUNGLE BOOK on laser for sale?
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    No, I don't have a copy - they seem to be quite rare. If you know the catalog title (often listed in IMDB, but it doesn't list everything and it's sometimes wrong), that's a big help. However, as you well know, what's listed ain't necessarily what's being offered. The seller's short description should say this but often doesn't.
    I agree about the need to be able to contact the seller; I have rejected many potential purchases simply because I needed to ask a question and couldn't. This is especially important in laser disc, less so in dvd. I don't think the Half people (now owned by Ebay) really give a rip; laser discs make up only a small portion of sales.
    My complaint is that I'd like a search that returns all laser discs listed, and only laser discs. Searching by single titles is one big pain.
    Despite the above, I have purchased a few LDs at quite excellent prices (Criterion's 1991 3-disc, all-CAV release of Citizen Kane, for one, at less than $20!).
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    What a coincidence! I bought a copy of Criterion's 1991 3-disc, all-CAV release of Citizen Kane from you for $40!
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    Moving to Retail Vendor Feedback
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    I've been having lots of problems lately with Half.com. If fact I have been waiting for over a month for an item. From now I will be buying new from reputable stores.
    -Andre F
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