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Haier 55" TFT-LED LCD 55E3500 issue (1 Viewer)


Feb 22, 2021
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When I power it on it will have a section of the screen that is rather dark. Previously it had been the upper left corner, and this went away gradually over time. Recently, it has been the right quarter of the screen. I have asked around and I am confident it is NOT a calibration issue.

Is this a common thing that happens over time with these TVs? I assume there is no feasible fix, as the cost to get a tech out to diagnose and repair would likely cost more than a new TV.

That lighter strip on the right is always there, but not so much as in the pic. I'll try taking a better pic, maybe when there is a show on the TV, and post it, without the flash.

You can see just under the TV on the right the bottom of my Cogeco modem. It's the only place it fits. The stand is the old stand from my old projection HDTV I had. If I ever have to (and I do more often than I should) reboot or unplug/plug back in my Cogeco modem, I have to move my TV to get at it. Black board up top is to prevent my cat from trying to jump over it.

I was wondering if maybe in attempt to move TV to get at modem and moving it back, if handling (inadvertently putting pressure/squeezing) the TV could have caused this, or maybe it's something else.

I think this pic is showing an exaggeration of how bad it is. When watching something it's not that crazy, but still quite dark on the rh side.


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