Had my first Hi-Fi experience today! :D

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by macMing, Feb 10, 2005.

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    Feb 5, 2005
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    Had some today, so I went down to a Hi-Fi store looking at components for my future system.

    I'm planning on building a system purely for music around my computer because most of my music is digital.

    So today I listened to a Primare A20.2 hooked up to a pair of Paradign Reference Signature bookshelf speakers. Then right after, I asked listened to a NAD 563 hooked up to the same speakers with the same CD.

    Granted the CD player was different, Primare vs Marantz, but the difference was like night and day! The Primare put out very detailed, naturally smooth sound, and the soundstage was all around me. The NAD amplifer sounded very plain, it lacked the higher end output, and it just didn't feel like the music was be playing right in front of me. THe worst part is the NAD's sound field was purely 2D.

    I always thought the point of dimensioning returns started at 700-800 dollars for amps, but boy am I wrong! The hi-fi equipment just sounds soo much better than Mid-Fi with high end speakers.

    Now I have a few more questions for the pros.

    1) How does Primare A20.2 compare to Krell 300iL? I found a few used Krell 300iLs on ebay for $1700 US, and the Primare A20.2 is selling for $1600CDN (new -> $1300 US). Is the Krell that much better than the Primare?

    2) Am I purchasing equipment that is overkill for my needs? Chances are, this source will be run solely off my computer.


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    It depends.. what is the playback system on your computer - MP3s or uncompressed WAV source? or a plain old CD-ROM drive? what sound card? also, what are your speakers?

    These days a higly specced and dedicated HTPC could be considered a decent source - especially for digital video, but I'd say a high end amp would be overkill for a PC-based audio playback system. They are usually paired with a dedicated CD transport and outboard DAC.

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