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H/K DPR 1001: audition notes (unscientific, long) (1 Viewer)


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Aug 15, 2002
I had the opportunity to listen to the DPR 1001 for about 1 hour yesterday, in a non-optimal, but still not-so-awful, setting. A friend is in the process of opening his own audio shop, and he's been setting up equipment for a while now.

In one of the listening rooms he had the DPR 1001, the 325, and the Onkyo SR700 (or 800, can't exactly recall), all connected via an electronic switcher to an H/K DVD player (? model), and we demoed a few minutes of a film and about 50 minutes of music. We took all tone controls off, matched output levels as best we could, and for music we used the Onk's direct mode. Speakers were DefTech, ? model number. To give a sense of the volume/output, the 325 and the 1001 were both around -15 to -12db; I think the Onk was somewhere around 60 or so.

As far as the 5.1 sound, I'd call it even among the three. Not enough of a difference to call a clear winner.

Now, for the 2-channel, we used a mix of Massive Attack tracks, including "Protection" which is now one of my faves for demoing equipment; Tracey Thorn's voice is just so... wow! Anyway...

The 325 sounded best. There wasn't an earth-shattering difference between it and the Onkyo, but there was a difference, particularly in Tracey's vocal, which was lusher and had more presence to it. The Onk had a bit more oomph, but wasn't as sweet. Also, as the track decayed near the end, the H/K held it together much better than did the Onk (I have no idea if that means anything, but it has always been a personal litmus test of mine). The 1001 was very good in music as well, but I'd place it a solid 3rd among the 3. It sounded very clean, but it definitely lacked dimension. I know these terms that we use can't really articulate what we hear... But the 1001 just seemed to lack a sense of depth and presence; it seemed flat compared to the others. Definitely not bad, but not in the league of the other two.

The 1001 looks gorgeous, and has what appears to be a terrific remote control. And, again, the 5.1 sound was very nice. I can't say that I watched enough of the DVD to really describe its strengths or weaknesses. I'd love to hear it with some external amplification and see what happens.

Again, the difference between the 325 and the Onk wasn't an order of magnitude, but I preferred the H/K. My buddy didn't. :D

Adil M

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Nov 21, 2001
When I tested them I compared the Onkyo 800 to the HK 525 to the HK dpr1001. They are all w/i the same price range.
I agree that the HK just held the sounds together a little better. The Onkyo had a fuller and very nice sound, but not the same.
The difference between the two is not of a significant level. Most people would call it a preference. I have a clear preference towards the HK despite it's issue switching among different types of signals.
The Digital HK receiver was harsh not clean almost sharp and struggling in both music and 5.1. While not so apparent at lower volumes, once I identified the edge at louder volumes I noticed it in lower volumes as well. It was to my ears clearly a step below the others.

In comparing them I had equalized volume w/ an spl, cutoff enhancements, set the speaker distances and crossover.
I setup/built the sound rooms, so I may not be the best, but I do have lots of real world experience.

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