Gumball Rally - Gave My Copy A Spin

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Brent Avery, Aug 20, 2005.

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    For the last few years I put up with a vhs tape that had a p&s version taken from a tv broadcast - I wasn't about to pay the overinflated prices found on Ebay for another lousy p&s copy. And as for the widescreen laserdisc..... Well, it was great to FINALLY watch it in its 2:35 oar - and a very good image at that. Colors look quite nice overall. Couldn't see any damage etc. There wasn't anything I could find fault with - at least on my intial viewing on a 26" tv. I will be giving it a more critical going over on the weekend with a front projector. As for the audio, Warners has released it with a Dolby Digital Mono soundtrack - as origially recorded I assume. Although it may have been nice to have a 5.1 mix I found it to be free of any distortion and quite clear with a satisfying dynamic range that was obviously quite limited in the low frequncies but at least you could raise the volume to get all those wonderful sounds produced by the two stars of the film - the Shelby 427 Cobra and the Ferrari 365 GTB ( correct me if I erred )without wincing.

    The soundtrack was wonderful as well - with my sub on it gave a nice full bottom end. It is actually a pretty good number. As for extras, only the theatrical trailer is included. I will have to use the projector to see if it is also enhanced. It was in great shape as well.

    I'm grateful to Warners for releasing this film to dvd, even if it is a bit slow here and there the movie still gets a passing grade. Now all they need to release is Gran Prix.[​IMG]
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    Cool, thanks for the review. Looking forward to the 30th!

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