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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by WendellW, May 17, 2006.

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    Hey all:

    I'm in the final planning stages of my home theater and, while I am waiting another month or so (the last responsible moment!) to purchase my TV (RPTV) in hopes that some new models come out (this will be another post!), I am just wanting to be sure about the screen size. I've seen all of the "calculators" out there, and will be making yet another pilgrimage to a dealer to see for myself, but I thought I'd ask you all for your opinions...

    I have a high ceilinged room (loft type space over a garage) with a proposed arrangement of a big ol' sectional couch, where the majority of viewers will be about 10' from the screen. I am planning on getting the best RPTV I can afford, probably one of the Sony 3 projector types, and am anticipating getting into HD-DVD in a year or so when that whole mess shakes out. Bottom line, I'm buying for the best HD viewing that I can afford. I say all this only because I'm leaning toward the 60" screen (versus 50"), which many of the "standard" calculators suggest is perhaps a tad big.

    But, from what I've read, if one is heading toward a really good hi-def picture - which I'm trying to "future-proof" as best I can - that these "formulas" can be flexible, with the logic that with hi-def, you won't suffer the structure-seeing issues of the screen if you are too close. I notice that Crutchfield's advice, for example, would be to go with the 60", but the nagging cynic in me tells me that they want you to buy the biggest set you can!

    Frankly, I'd LIKE to get the 60" for the way it fills the room - there will be viewers watching the TV from greater distances than 10' at parties or larger gatherings - and am asking any of you if you think that this is a potentially big (no pun intended) mistake!

    Thanks in advance for your input!
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    I have a 61" DLP rear projector and I sit about 10 ft away and it's great. Only when a spouse objects has anyone ever said a TV was 'too big'.

    The only thing to worry about is if you sit too close, your eyes have to travel back and forth and cause eye strain.

    Take a tape measure to the store, measure the distance out from a display unit and park for about 10 minutes watching the screen. This is the best way to tell.

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