Guidance on HT speaker setup for around $1500

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    Greetings all, I am in the process of building a 5.1 home theater with a speaker budget of around $1500. It will be 70% movies and 30% music and is located in a 20' x 15' room. The WAF and general appearance of the speakers (other than the sub) is a consideration. I currently have an Onkyo SR600 receiver, a GE 50" rear projection TV, and a Pioneer 525 DVD. I am leaning towards the speakers below and would appreciate any input:

    Athena AS-F2 front ($600)
    Athena AS-C1 center ($180)
    Athena AS-B2 surround ($250)
    SVS 2039PCi sub ($600)

    My greatest uncertainty is around the sub as I have also looked at the HSU line. I would appreciate any information on how the VTF-2 and 3 perform relative to the 2039 (PCi and PC-Plus). From reading the forums my take is that the PCi is a bit better than the VTF-2 but not quite at the level of the VTF-3. I do not have a good idea of where the new PC-Plus fits in and if it is worth the extra couple hundred. In a 20 x 15 room would the PCi be sufficient or would the more powerful PC-Plus be needed? If I were to up the budget on the sub to $800, would the VTF-3 or the PC-Plus be the better choice? I have plenty of places to hide the large SVS so that is not a consideration. Athena also offers a sub but but I did not give that much consideration as I am under the impression that there is no need for the sub to match and that the Athena at $400 does not compare very well to HSU or SVS. Since I have no intention of the sub being visible, the cosmetic matching is not important.

    I liked the Athena's over the Klipsch as the RF-* was pushing the budget a bit and the Athena's compared very favorably to the Synergy line. I also considered the HTIB systems like the Energy Take 5.2 but wanted a bit more power and range. What do people think of the Athena line relative to Energy (same parent company), Paradigm, Atlantic Tech, and Klipsch?

    Is the budget distributed well among the various speakers? I am concerned that I am spending a bit much on the sub, especially if I were to consider an SVS PC-Plus.

    Thanks for any input.
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    For $1500 I believe you could get into a 5.1 system from Totem called the Dreamcatchers. THey are truly awesome, without equal in the $2000 and under price point IMO. Another fine system would be from Axiom. The Totems are also a beautiful looking speaker with real veneer inside and out.

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