Guess who's performing at the Oscars?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by John Kilduff, Feb 22, 2002.

  1. John Kilduff

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    Cirque Du Soleil are the people.

    They're fine performance artists, but the last time we had something similar to this at the Oscars, it was Michael Flatley and his "Lord Of The Dance" troupe dancing in front of a montage of the best shots from the movies. We all know how that turned out. Billy Crystal, who praised them after their performance, was taking digs at them on Oscar Night '98 (The year of the Big-Ass Ship).

    Producer for this year's Oscars Laura Ziskin said that the film element will be in their performance, but it is yet to be revealed what that element will be.

    Now, truthfully, I revel in every moment of the Oscars, down to the closing credits.

    What I'm doing now (and I hope I'm posting this in the right forum) is asking for your opinions.

    Do you think this is a good idea, or are they just piling it on to lengthen it to the point of no return? (remember, they have that September 11th tribute on the sched as well).


    John "Bonus question: What cartoon character(s) do you think will be presenting an animation-related Oscar at this year's ceremonies?" Kilduff
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    Well, I thought Flatley and his LOTD were spectacular. If I remember, they got a standing O. So I personally don't mind it as long as they don't go bonkers. But then again I'm pretty liberal when it comes to things like this. The Oscars are the Last Supper. They're an awards show and sometimes I think they take themselves too seriously. I like the atmosphere at the GG, and I'd like to see the atmosphere like that at the AA. But I know it won't happen.

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