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Chris Bardon

Senior HTF Member
Jul 4, 2000
Not sure what'll be released as far as mod tools, but a couple of improvements I'd like to see to the game:

Weapon Selection-it's a real problem to have to scroll through ALL of your weapons to find what you need. When I have a dozel columbains shooting at me, I want to be able to get right to my AK-47. Ideally, these should be bound to the number keys like any other FPS.

Planes & choppers-There's all of these planes sitting at the airport, and the only one I can take is the dodo? I want to be able to fly a police helicopter (vigilante missions are fun in a tank, but could be even more interesting from the air).

Mapping-One of the things that would have been nice in the game is some sort of automap feature that either annotated the map or allowed you to add your own annotations (like the location of rampages etc). I made notes while I played, but it would have been nice to see it in the game. Also, I think that the indicators on the map they do give you should be toggleable (if that's even a word), so you can show where the closest base, ammunation, paint shop etc is at any point.

Any other thoughts?

Angel Pagan

Second Unit
Aug 15, 1998
I agree with you on everything. Not that we can ask for more than what we got. This game is the most downright realistic action game ever.
- I would have liked if they had put the main character to actually talk.
- I'll back you up 100% on the weapon and the vehicles problem.
Later :)

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