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Scott Wong

Second Unit
Oct 30, 1999
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Scott Wong
I just got this game over the weekend. I'm not familiar with this series so bear me with me for just a moment...
I've started the simulation mode and have made my own garage. I ended up buying the cheap ass Toyota. Is it mandatory I go through and get all of those licenses first?? I'm at 0.9%, as I have started obtaining the B-class licenses.
I wanna race though. So I went to "go race" and have started with my 'lil Toyota plus a few extra parts on it. You need your own car to race and starting the game with just 18,000CR isn't that much of a help.
So what's more important? Do I need to go through and get all of those licenses or can I keep racing in the mode that I'm in? I just went to Beginner's series... or something like that. I think there's three courses I can race on but the prize money is peanuts. It'll take me forever to hook up this little VIS, I've got.
Have I gone about this all wrong? What's everyone else doing? Are you all driving Skyline GT-R's by now? *LOL* :) Dammit.
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Aug 15, 2000
Some of the races don't require getting a license. Most of them do, so eventually you will have to get some of the licenses.
The A and B licenses are not that difficult to get and won't take much time. The 1B license and above are another story. I happen to be stuck in the slalom tests at the 1B level. I am 1.1 sec off of the bronze time...
I started with the Miata and worked my way up with that. I got it to 270+ hp and left it there because it was becoming difficult to handle. I moved to a Mustang SVT(650+hp) and am currently at 14.1% of the game. I have ten cars, my pride and joy being the Lancer Evo VII. Damn that car is sweet!

Van Patton

Second Unit
Jun 27, 2001
I am about 30% done with the game. For starters I started out and finished all the license tests except Super. I had cases of gamers rage where I threw the controller across the room but it was worth it. I bought a Miata in the beginning too and upgraded it. My best advice I'd give you is do the Super Speedway endurance once you have IA license. 1st place is $200,000. With my souped up Miata in that I got 4th the first time I tryed and got $50,000 which will buy a good car for beginners. I recommended doing SuperSpeedway a couple of times too because the main car I use their ,Corvette CR5, I won for free and also got $200,000 so its worth it. Oh and NEVER pit except for like 2 laps. I pit on lap 50 and 75. The tires to me never seem to be much of a problem in wear. At lap 50 with tires being mega red it only adds like .5 seconds to your lap time so its not that big of a deal when youve lapped the competition about 20 times

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