Groucho Marx TV Classics

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    Just wondering if someone can provide more information about the recent Synergy Entertainment release Groucho Marx TV Classics?

    There are 16 episodes of You Bet Your Life but are they just duplications of shows included in the 2003 Shout! Factory release “You Bet Your Life – The Lost episodes” 3-disc set?

    This new set also includes the first commercial release (that I know of) of Hollywood Palace! Included are the 2 shows that Groucho hosted in 1964 and 1965. Groucho and Raquel Welch were guests in a Dean Martin hosted Hollywood Palace in 1964 but don’t know if this is included?

    There is also an episode of the lost game show Anybody Can Play. I’ve read there are original commercials in the shows but I’m guessing not in all of them. I could be wrong?
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