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Groening hints at the end of the Simpsons (1 Viewer)


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Jul 4, 1997
Matt Groening did an event in Europe and hints the ending of the Simpsons is coming:
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Some reasons include that it's harder to write innovative episodes, and the handling of Futurama did not help.
Upcoming episodes include:
"Groening is set to poke fun at Enron and Anderson in his next series, while Krusty the Clown will run for Congress with the endorsement of several real-life politicians."
Interesting news.

Daniel Kikin

Apr 3, 2001
I think it could be time to end it too. It really is hard to be innovative when a series goes for that long. Also, if he ends the series, maybe the movie will finally get made too.

Malcolm R

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Feb 8, 2002
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Is it up to Groening to pull the plug, or does Fox own the show? On the one hand, he said it may be time to wrap it up, but on the other he also said he knew that Fox would "milk the show for all it's worth." Could Fox continue the series if Groening leaves?

John Berggren

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Jun 17, 1999
I would hope that Fox would be smart enough to discontinue the Simpsons when Groening wants to. Then again, The Simpsons has been good to Fox, and Fox has never returned the favor to Groening for Futurama. I doubt Groening works for Fox again. I don't know if any other network will try another series from him either though...

I hope he gets to end the Simpsons however and whenever he wants to. They can still do movies, and I know Fox would never turn down a Simpsons special if the urge hit Groening, the writers, and the actors.

Fox is going to be hurt when the Simpsons exit though. To my knowledge they've never caught such "lightning in a bottle" since the Simpsons debuted. The only thing propping up Sunday night will be Malcolm in the Middle. If only they hadn't basically cancelled Futurama, which I think would grow in popularity outside of the Simpson's shadow (and that of every sporting event that knocks it off the schedule).

Vince Maskeeper

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Jan 18, 1999
Wait, my impression was that Groening had very little to do with the day to day operation of the series since like 5 years ago. I know he's not a regular writer, and I don't think he has much to do with the animation-- I've always been under the impression he was a "producer" in mostly name these days, and had concentrated on Futurama for the last few years.
If you look at the writer/directors list, Matt hasn't been credited with an episode since 1995.
and from the LISA faq:
Matt Groening is officially known as the show's creative consultant, and has a hand in almost every phase of the production process, like one can if they're the creative consultant. However, it is stressed that the talented people employed by Gracie Films, Film Roman, et al. are responsible for the bulk of what happens. Additionally, he's an executive producer. (The Internet Movie Database has a broader explanation of what an executive producer's duties are.)
His name appearing on all Simpsons merchandising is a trademark requirement, by agreement with the 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, who bought from him the rights and ownership of The Simpsons.
Sounds like he doesn't own the show, and only plays a "supervisory" role in the actual production.

andrew markworthy

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Sep 30, 1999
It's better to retire gracefully than be told to go. I'm a huge fan of The Simpsons, but it's getting very very tired (we're about 4 episodes behind the USA, and IMHO nothing in the current series is particularly good).

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