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Gregg Loewen did a great job with my tv!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by TonyD, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. TonyD

    TonyD Who do we think I am?

    Dec 1, 1999
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    Gulf Coast
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    Tony D.
    gregg came to my house sunday night. it was pure luck on my part the he was able to come by when he did.
    gregg was actually on his way back home and i am very close to the interstate so he said he didn't mind stopping to calibrate my tv.
    i have a toshiba tw56x81.
    i'm not very well versed on the technical aspects of calibration but i do know how my tv looked before and after, and the difference is remarkable.
    he was able to do the lens striping and the TLV maneuver.
    he gave me a sheet of paper with a list of grey scale tracking. here's what was on it...
    20 ire...before 11 k after 6679 k
    30 ire...before 6335 after 6746
    40 ire...before 5793 after 6786
    50 ire...before 5409 after 6583
    60 ire...before 5369 after 6622
    70 ire...before 5293 after 6550
    80 ire...before 5152 after 6487
    90 ire...before 5119 after 6472
    100 ire...before 5086 after 6534
    he came by late sunday night.
    he was hungry and so was i so my wife and he and me sat down and had some salad. it gave him a chance to rest some because he was driving all day.
    he's a very nice guy and we enjoyed talking with him.
    he wanted to take the glare screen off so we did that first. i really didnt think the dif would be that dramatic. but it was. i can almost have the window behind my sitting position open and have no glare while also being able to see the screen clearly.
    he hit the hay and got up the next morning even before i did and started working on the tv.
    it took him a total of over 5 hours to get everything done.
    including convergence, some grid work and geometry.
    and anything else he could think of.
    he was very gracious and appreciative to us for letting him stay in the extra bedroom and for making him breakfast, and dinner the night before. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    the whole thing was alot less then i anticipated. enough that i may use the money i had set for this, on a new piece of HT equipment.[​IMG]
    gregg is the man for the job if you are trying to decide who (whom?) you want.
    he has plenty of experience(peter staddon and ron epstein's tv's included).
    after everything was done we popped in FIFTH ELEMENT and WHAT DREAMS MAY COME to sample some scenes to see how it looks.
    what dreams may come is my personal fav for checking how it looks and for showing off my tv. the scenes when robin williams first shows up in the living painting.
    if your trying to decide whether or not to do it...don't walk run to your email and send him one to find out when he can get to your tv.
    gregg's email...
    [email protected]
  2. SteveK

    SteveK Supporting Actor

    Jan 10, 2000
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    Tony- Greg had done my set (32" Sony Wega) a few days earlier, and I can certainly vouch for the results. I don't have my "before and after" readings with me, but the difference was quite dramatic. Before calibration, my set was WAY off: the color temperature ranged from a minimum of about 8700 K to a maximum of about 13700 K, and the reading at 20 IRE was off the scale. After calibration, the readings varied only from 6487K to 6597K, or less than an imperceptible 100 degrees off. I now have true whites and true blacks, and flesh tones are natural looking so that nobody looks sunburned any longer. I am very pleased with what Greg was able to achieve.

    As I stated in the thread I started about my calibration, all of the calibration-related posts I read talked about projection TVs, to the point where I was wondering what could be accomplished with a direct view set. I needn't have worried. I'm now truly satisfied with my Sony, which I couldn't have said before calibration.

    Thanks again, Greg.

    Steve K.

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