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    Just want to introduce myself..

    My name is Harvey and want to say I am glad I found this place. The forums offer such a wealth of information. It is hard to stop reading and start writing but ya gotta jump in somewhere.....

    I recently purchased a paradigm sub pw 2200 and all I can say is WOW. I am not sure that I have it hooked up the most efficiently though....

    I am using a nakamichi av-10 receiver as the center of my system. I am using the LFE out going into the low level input on the sub.. Now my av-10 has a built in crossover@ 80 hz when I set speaker settings to small so anything below 80 is going to my sub(what do I set the crossover at on the sub? Is it inactive if the nak crossover is working?? Everything sounds great!!! But is there a way I can utilize the built in crossover on my sub which is adjustable from 50 to 120 and lastly would it sound better using the crossover on the sub or should I stick to the way I have it.

    Thanks in advance for everybodies help and I look forward to joining a great community of guys and girls who share my passion for HT as well as audio.

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    Cees Alons

    Welcome to the forum!

    When your receiver has only one cross-over frequency (and 80 Hz is an excellent choice!), there's nothing you can do about that anymore. Best setting of the c-o on your sub is: as high as possible. That way the two filters won't interfere in a wrong way (by causing different overall cut-off slopes for bass and de rest).

    If you want to use your sub's cross-over switch, you would have to switch off the one in your reveiver (by setting the speakers to "large"), but you would certainly lose bass, because your main speakers wouldn't be able to produce the same low frequencies!

    And apparently, the c-o frequency on your receiver is an excellent choice. Lower than 75 Hz is not preferrable, you would start to lose LFE frequencies.

  3. Neil Joseph

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    Neil Joseph
    Welcome Harvey/ You have a great sub. What other equipment do you have, and would like to have?
  4. Jerry Klawiter

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    Hello harvey[​IMG]
    I must say you have good taste in the choice of sub you just purchased, I just sold my PW-2200,
    We needed a smaller box in the HT room, we purchase a HGS-10 gloss black to match our Mirage speakers.
    I found that a T or Y adapter worked very well with the PW-2200, This would split the LFE and feed it into both the right and left inputs on the sub.
    As the others said, set the sub's cross to the MAX and set your speaker size to small.
    You could always try to shut down the cross over on the receiver, and use the speaker level inputs of the Sub.
    This way you can use the PW-2200 cross over.
    I'm not familiar with your receiver and it's options.
    Enjoy your new sub [​IMG]

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