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Greetings all.

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Alex603, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. Alex603

    Alex603 Auditioning

    Jan 19, 2020
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    I have come here to absorb all the knowledge i can on home audio. I been really into high quality sound for a while now. For my home sound system which I have hooked to my TV are my Edifier S3000 pros which produce the best sound iv ever heard. Before these I had the Edifier S1000db which also sounded great but the S3000 pros are a massive upgrade especially with hi res support.
    I also have a lot of portable bluetooth speakers. I have 2 aiwa exos 9s which for battery powered speakers sound insane. I also have two amazon stuido speakers paired together for immersive 3d audio for my bedroom and they are phonamanal for that.

    I am looking to buy a subwoofer for my S3000 pros and came here for assistance for that. They don't really need a subwoofer as there is enough bass for suff to fall off my walls but you can never have enough bass. I'm a huge bass head. Besides i have always wanted a standalone subwoofer.
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