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green tint to HLN? (1 Viewer)

Chris Mills

Nov 19, 2002
On advice of what I've read here, I've been looking at the new Samsung DLPs. I saw a HLN4365 at Magnolia and thought it looked quite good (maybe not quite as good as the 50" Fujitsu plasma, but I digress...).

I took the girlfriend to see it to gain approval. She immediatly pointed out that (compared to the other sets in the store) it had a green tint to it. No amount of fiddling with the user controls completely made this go away.

I figured it might just be that set, so I tracked down a HLN5065 at the local Best Buy. It was hard to tell with the feed they were giving it, but I thought the color was better... but I still detected a slight green tinge...

The girlfriend thought so too, and her opinion is that I shouldn't get a $4000 TV that makes things "too green".

My question (finally): Is this a known phenomenon? I can't find any posts that talk about this. Is it something that can be fixed via calibration? Is it my imagination?

Anyone else think the HLN's look greenish?

If this is a roadblock, it's back to square one on the TV search...

Thanks in advance.

Dean Wette

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 12, 2003
The Samsung DLPs (I have a HLM617W) have very good PQ out of the box, but like anything else they benefit from ISF calibration. When my set was calibrated the tech ended up turning blue down a bit and red up a bit. The result was an improvement, but not earth shattering (which supports the statement that they're pretty good out of the box).

I certainly didn't have any complaints before calibration, and definitely no problems with too much green.

I'm thrilled with my set and have no regrets buying it.


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