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Green stripe and tears on Comcast HD DVR (1 Viewer)

Ergin Guney

May 24, 1999
I posted the following on another forum yesterday, but didn't get much of any feedback. Let me see if you folks here have any input on this:

I'm a Comcast subscriber in San Francisco. Last night, I noticed that a thin green stipe showed up along the entire right edge of the picture on all HD channels. The night before that, they had pushed an update to all devices (at least in my region) for an upgrade to the program guide (as far as they said). I'm certain that this green stripe wasn't there before that upgrade.

Here's a shot of the bottom-right corner of my image, showing the green stripe:


I don't want to change my display settings and introduce any overscan just to hide this stripe. Maintaining 1:1 pixel mapping is important to me.

The story doesn't end there...

Tonight, I noticed something else that's wrong with the HD image on Comcast and another piece fell into place: There are two vertical "tear lines" near the left edge of the image. This is much easier to describe with a picture than with words, so here is a photo:


So, why am I posting this? Primarily to see if I'm the only one experiencing it, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area and with the same equipment. If it could be that it's just my individual box that somehow experienced a fluke problem due to the upgrade, I would gladly have it replaced by Comcast and live happily ever after.

But if others among you experience this too, then this issue needs raised awareness so that it comes to the attention of Comcast in order to be resolved. And that would probably only happen if those seeing it actually call Comcast and voice complaints. So, please do that, if you're one such Comcast subscriber. This is unacceptable, in my opinion, and I can't wait to get rid of this problem!

To frame the issue a little better, here are some other specifics:

* The issue is present on all Comcast HD channels (numbered 7XX) and only on those channels.

* The issue is always present on any channel that exhibits it. If an HD channel goes to a commercial break and shows SD quality ads or switches to upconverted SD programming, the symptoms are still there.

* The issue is not in the broadcast that's being made since their upgrade two days ago. When I look at old HD recordings on my hard drive from months ago, I still see the issue. So, it's clearly an issue with the display hardware/firmware; not with the current signal. (I don't have any widescreen SD recordings from before the upgrade, so I can't say anything about those...)

* To give a sense of the scale of the tears along the left edge of the image, the first tear is about 4-5 pixels away from edge of the image, and the second tear is roughly another 35 pixels away from the first one. These are, of course, as counted on a full 1080p display (as is the eight-pixel width of the green stripe).

* I know this is not an issue with my particular display, because, when I try it with my HD DVD player (yes, I still have one of those...), the image is perfect; no stripe, no tears...



Aug 5, 2009
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Steve Baker
I saw this post from you regarding the green stripe on your TV with the Motorola DVR. I've got the same problem although I'm with Cox, not Comcast. Did you ever get a resolution? This problem has been driving me crazy. Any update or help would be much appreciated. Thanks... Steve

i have the same thing only on high def and im using a motorola dct6412III with insight, they never heard of this problem either,,,,, let me know if you find out anything....

i have the same thing only on high def and im using a motorola dct6412III with insight, they never heard of this problem either,,,,, let me know if you find out anything....


Nov 5, 2009
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I have this same issue on comcast and it is driving me crazy. I take it no one has this resolved yet?

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