Green/Gray tint on RPTV

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    May 11, 2001
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    My Mitsubishi 55" has developed a greenish- gray tint

    to the picture I used AVIA to adjust the settings. After going through the settings to get the black level correct the brightness was at its lowest point and the contrast about 25%,color,tint, and sharpness looked good using AVIA but the tint is still there.

    Any thoughts on what is causing this problem??

    Thanks, Lee
  2. Allan Jayne

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    Look into adjusting the color balance next. Start with the usual color and tint controls. The service (designer) menus should have some settings for things like red gain, green gain, etc. In your case you would want to reduce the green gain.
    The colored cellophanes that came with the AVIA disk should help.
    Caution: This is a trial and error situation. Write down all settings as you found them and before you change them. There may be more than one control for each color's strength or gain. Some may cause more side effects such as the overall tint not being the same for dim versus bright objects (gray scale tracking problems).
    Video hints:

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