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    For about the last week and a half my Toshiba 65HDX82 has had a quick green flash in the center of the screen during shutdown. I spoke with three Toshiba technicians (at three different shops) who all told me they didn't think it was an issue and not to worry unless the tv has a problem. One even told me it was the green gun discharging. I was just going to wait and see what happens, but after reading posts on a few forums I am beginning to worry. No one directly linked the flash to a problem, but many of the people started seeing the flash just before the problem occurred.

    Does anyone know anything about this specific issue and if it really is a problem? I could call a tech out, but it sounds like they wouldn't't be able to do anything since they don't think it's a problem.

    Is anyone else having this problem? If so, have you had other problems?

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    I had red starburst on my 65HX81, tech came out, said red gun maybe failing, TV went to shop for 6 weeks, gun replaced, all is fine and dandy. Though sometimes I wish I would have just waited it out. Its ur call and if I were u, I'd like a replacement if its "very" new less than 30 days...
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    Yes. I'm having this problem with my 57HX81. Toshiba Canada service has been very unresponsive. I approached the store that I bought the set from and detailed the problem. I get a visit from the outfit that handles warranty repairs for Toshiba and the service tech tells me that the TV appears to be okay. He then tells me that his set from another manufacturer does the same thing. I asked him how old his set was and the response was, "five years". My set is just over a year old and was only about 9 months old when the problem first manifested itself. I have a twelve year old Phillips direct view that doesn't do what the Toshiba is doing. The Toshiba picture still looks good but the flashing on shut down reminds me of a ten year old television on its last legs.

    A sales rep at the store I bought the set from told me a Toshiba rep had said that it was "normal" for the set to "flash" on shut down. I found that one pretty funny considering that I didn't see that "feature" in operation when I first bought the thing. I told the sales rep at the store that I wanted a letter from the Toshiba rep that would state that the flashing is a normal function of the set, so that I could use it when the tube blew out. Needless to say I have not received any letter from the Toshiba rep.

    The latest song and dance was that the Toshiba rep, in conjunction with the TV service tech, was supposed to phone me and try to work out a solution. I am still waiting for that call. The set has a good picture but Toshiba's service is so shitty that I would never recommend to anyone that they buy a Toshiba TV set. All of my video equipment (VCR, DVD) are Toshiba products. However, due to the runaround I have been getting from them regarding this set, I will never purchase another Toshiba product again. They are right below the FORD MOTOR COMPANY on my list of companies that I will never frequent again.

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