Great little horror flick: The Convent

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Ross Williams, Apr 19, 2002.

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    (I searched for a thread about this, but couldn't find one. So if there was already one, I apologize.)

    I saw this 2 years back at the Seattle Film Festival and wasn't impressed. I've read nothing but good things about it since then, and decided to give it another chance last night.

    Man was I wrong. I took it far too seriously my first viewing. Last night I realized it was as much of a comedy as it is a horror film. It was paying tribute, while also spoofing a ton of previous films. (Not spoofing in that Scary Movie sort of way, spoofing by being completely serious about it. If that makes any sense.)

    It was directed with a great sense of flair. It's full of gore. The performances while not being "good" are all very entertaining. Plus it has Adrienne Barbeau chopping demonized nuns heads off. What more could you ask for in a horror film?

    If you've seen it, comment on it. If you haven't, and you're any sort of horror buff, run out and rent it.
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    I enjoyed it a great deal. It's caused some divisions in the horror community, but I see it as a great horror/gore comedy done in the 80s style of things.
    "Let me quess the rest of the story. You and your friends went there to screw and smoke dope when suddenly you awoke the forces of evil and they started killing everybody. Well, save your sob story for someone who gives a rat's ass."

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