Great Expectation (DVD) on sale for Charles Dickens' birthday! Check it out!

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    On Friday 7th February, Beckman Unicorn’s critically acclaimed West End production of GREAT EXPECTATIONS(distributed by SpectiCast to the US last year) will be released on DVD exactly one year after it was filmed and screened in cinemas across the US. Beyond being a fantastic production, the DVD will serve as an ideal educational supplement for English and literature classes of many ages.

    The production was presented as the culmination of the Dickens bicentenary celebrations – the first time that Great Expectations had been performed on the West End as a full-scale play and the first time a West End stage show was broadcast live into cinemas It received numerous outstanding reviews including The Times (‘Pure Theatre’ 4*), The Telegraph ('An eerie and fantastical atmosphere' 4*) ('Totally absorbing... Poignant... Compelling’ 4*).

    Jo Clifford’s gothic adaptation stars Jack Ellis as Jaggers, Chris Ellison as convict, Magwitch, and Paula Wilcox taking on the role of the tragic and haunting Miss Havisham. Paul Nivison also stars as Adult Pip, Grace Rowe as Estella and introducing Taylor Jay-Davies as Young Pip.
    The DVD also includes bonus interviews with director Graham McLaren, Dickens-Hawksley, and Dickens aficionado, actor Simon Callow. The DVD is available via Amazon for $19.99.

    Click HERE to purchase!

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