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    Sep 23, 2000
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    I have a question pertaining to longevity of countertops made out of 3/4" granite vs 1 1/2" in terms of fracture, not surface scratches. The standard 3/4" is obviously cheaper and I plan to laminate another 3/4" on all edges to give it a thicker look, without a thinner wallet.

    The 1 1/2" thickness all the way thru will be stronger no doubt, but is the cost worth it? Short of stomping on the island, will the extra thickness actually payoff or it is just over-engineering?

    Anybody share a story on granite failure? Thx!
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    Feb 9, 1999
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    Go with the thinner stuff and have the edge beefed up. It is not gonna fail with any kind of normal or even most abnormal use.

    However, I would strongly advise you to consider an alternative to granite - like Quartz. Granite can scratch and needs to be sealed. Quartz is a natural stone but chopped up and compressed to make an ultra hard surface that is basically indestructible. You can cut on it, hammer it and put raw chicken on it without the fear of bacteria growing in the pores of the material.

    Oh and you sure you want the edge to look thick? It is all about what style will look best in your kitchen, but the 3/4" look is nice imo. I was all into getting our edges laminated until I walked into a store that actually had the 3/4" installed. I knew that is what I wanted when I saw it.
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    As for the thickness, there are three kinds, 3/4" , 1 1/4", 1 1/2"
    As for the durable, just take it easy, even 3/4" can be used more than 5years. as usual, you can try 1 1/4", the price and thickness is in middle, while 1 1/2", the edge sees good, but price expensive.
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